Yes Yes. We women also like a piece of technology. Especially if it is packaged in the most beautiful pink. Read below why you should treat yourself, or perhaps have yourself treated, to the beautiful and above all effective LED BEAUTY DEVICE.

Soft & flawless skin is just around the corner.


RED: 635nmThe higher/longer the wavelength in nm, the deeper the absorption into the body. This color helps stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firm skin. So this is the perfect pick when you want to plump and rejuvenate your skin. Our LED Beuty Device combines this light therapy with heat therapy, which helps soothe while massaging. BLUE: 470nm & VIOLET: 410nmThe blue color spectrum ranges from 400 – 495nm. The shorter the wavelength (so closer to 400nm) the more antibacterial blue light works, but the penetration of skin is less. The longer the wavelength (closer to 495nm), the deeper the penetration of skin, but the less antibacterial the light works. Blue and violet light both have great antibacterial benefits, but each work differently, as we just explained. As blue has a longer wavelength, it still is very effective and has the benefit of carrying blue light deeper into a breakout area. Take your time, repeat this treatment and have a little patience. The blue function works with vibration & muscle-stimulating microcurrent to help calm acne-prone sin. Violet light combines red and blue light and is therefore a great option to quickly help clear and tighten the skin. Combined with heat therapy and vibration, it’s an awesome massage to rejuvenate dull skin. The red & blue function combines all of the above skin benefits with heat therapy, vibration and microcurrent. Red light works highly beneficial for your skin on its own, but has even better results, when combined with shorter wavelengths, such as blue. This function is the best choice when you want a smooth result, an improved skin tone and skin texture and just happy, healthy, revived skin! Disclaimer: Meet Milu Official

- Helps stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firm skin -