Skincare & Natural Make-up look

€89 2-4 persons | 2H€139 private session | 2H Larger group: Variable pricing
Key words for our make-up &skincare workshop: Natural & Glowing make-upHealthy & Fresh skinQuick & EasyAll skin types & skin agesVegan make-up & skincare During this workshop you will first learn which skincare products are suitable for your skin type. Then we move on to the make-up. We start with the basics, finding the right matching foundation. We then finish the base with concealer and translucent powder. We perfect the eyebrows, apply eye shadow and curl the lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. With the penultimate step, defining the facial shapes. We do this using bronzer, blush and highlight. With the finishing touch: the lips... After going through these steps you will look even more beautiful than when we started. Fresh and radiant skin, with emphasis on your strongest points. It gives you self-confidence and makes you shine. Many other ladies have gone before you, read my reviews... It is possible to directly purchase the products we used during the workshop. And this with a 10% discount! We hope to see you soon, please be welcome.Love, Agnes

Details & extra information:

Pricing for a private session or a small group, is based on a make-up workshop in our studio at Wilrijk-Antwerp. We give workshop on location, variable pricing. It is possible to have a customized workshop. Glamour look, smokey eye, red lip, contouring and more. Variable pricing. Are you a professional  make-up artist and interested in creating a 'no make-up, make-up'? Look no further! Instead of 2H it is a 3H workshop where you are able to practice on a real model. You get access to my way of building up this look, step by step. Also you get an inside in my professional make-up kit & I will share my 'go to' products with you. And maybe some other tips & tricks that will help you further in make-up land ;) Available for individuals as also in a group setting. Variable pricing. For more information:

Hairstyling course for professionals

Variable pricing| 7H
The B stands for BASI(C)S My experience as a professional hairstylist shows that many colleagues lack the right basis for creating a long-lasting hairstyle. Are you tired of your curls falling out after 20 minutes? Do you have no idea how to create a lot of volume at the root without a backcombing comb or volume powder? And if the client ask for a blow-dry, you don't know where to starts? Don't hesitate and sign up for my hairstyling course 'BACK TO BASIC'. During this course you will learn 2 different curling techniques. One with the curling iron and 1 with the straightener. You will also be shown a technique to create volume at the root using only a hairdryer and styling product. Finally, with a 'blow-dry' course. You learn to work with round brushes. The choice is yours to practice this on a model with short hair or do you prefer, for example, brushing curls or brushing the hair straight on long hair... up to you. And perhaps most importantly: Product knowledge. Which product do you use best for what? I share all this knowledge with great love with you so that you can complete the course as a confident hairstylist. This course takes a whole day. For this you need 2 models, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Details will be sent after registration. For questions and information about prices: